La realidad tras las fotos de Instagram

El fitness en Instagram es como los unicornios en la vida real.

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Sara Puhto, una instagrammer de 20 años que promueve la nueva corriente de moda en Instagram tras el hashtag #bodypositive es una de las que mejor abandera la tendencia. De hecho, es de las pocas que muestra la verdad tras esta red social que cada vez resulta más ilusoria y menos real.

Mientras que las instagrammers de fitness nos muestran glúteos perfectos, piernas estilizadas, abdominales cincelados y brazos dibujados con regla y compás, Sara se ha encargado de enseñar lo que hay detrás de cada foto: el ángulo, la posición del cuerpo, la forma de posar… Un simple gesto cambia por completo una imagen. Y esa imagen es hoy clave en el efecto que provoca en miles de seguidores hambrientos de cuerpos perfectos.


Booty pop 🍑🌿 I was scrolling through my old photos and came across these photos where I was trying to take one of those sandy bum pics 😬 I posted the right one back in January, but the left is the reality behind that photo ☺️ I still sometimes get a slight pang of sadness and jealousy when I see all the big beautiful bums on instagram and wish I could magically have what they have. Because sometimes I feel like all my booty gains are gone when I take photos where it looks smaller, but then I remember that I shouldn't compare my body to theirs. I have a great booty and so do they! It's all about posing/angles and nobody looks like that all the time. There's nothing wrong with posting a good photo of your booty, you should post it if you feel like it! Just remember that when you're scrolling through social media and see all the posed bums that you too have a great bum and that nobody looks like that 24/7 ☺️ It seems like big butts are the thing that so many people want currently. But remember that you don't need a big booty to be beautiful. All butts are good butts ☺️ All of our bodies are different and you don't need a specific body type to fit into what society defines as beautiful!! It's stressful and so messed up that body parts and types are going in and out of style- before it was being really thin, now it's having a big booty. That shouldn't be a thing. It causes so much stress and self hate to people who do not have these things. I know it's hard but instead of trying to obtain these things, love how you look now. Not how you'll look if you loose X amount of weight or get a bigger booty. Because trust me when you get to those things you'll just want something more. Be comfortable in your own skin no matter what angle, posed or unposed, and you'll radiate beauty! 🌴☀️ ------------------------------------------ . . . #bopowarrior #bootypop #allbodiesaregoodbodies #bootyfordays #bootybuilding #instagramvsreallife #beforeafter #selfconfidence #youareyou #dontchange #acceptyourself #bodypositive #lawofattraction #everyoneisbeautiful #selflove #bepresent #findyourself #dontcare #cellulite #effyourbeautystandards

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Hemos olvidado una cosa: nadie es perfecto. Ningún cuerpo lo es. Todo el mundo se sienta, todo el mundo camina y se para con los brazos en jarra, todo el mundo tiene un día malo, todo el mundo bebe agua y se da algún capricho. Instagram se ha olvidado de ello pero Sara no. Y así lo vemos con sus fotos.

Bikini body 👙🌿 I'm sure we've all had that feeling where you're feeling cute at the beach but then you sit down and all of a sudden feel insecure and don't know how to sit without your tummy feeling oddly too exposed. The other day I went to the beach and would have slight moments where I felt like people were looking at my tummy and these feelings of insecurity where I wanted to hide my tummy because "it didn't look good" sitting down. But I realised that I was being silly and ruining my time at the beach and not enjoying it fully just because of this small silly thing. You really shouldn't feel that way! Everyone looks like this when they sit down! Nobody is judging you and even if someone was then that's a reflection of their inner insecurities, not yours. You are not fat. We all have fat, especially on our tummies and it's completely normal. And that fat does not make you worth any less as a person! Nobody has abs or a flat tummy 24/7 when they sit down. Don't let this idea ruin your time because it's completely normal! If you want to wear a bikini, then wear it cause life's too short not to wear what you want!! You look amazing so wear it with confidence and you'll radiate beauty! 🌴☀️ ------------------------------------------ . . . #bikinibody #bodypositive #lawofattraction #beachtime #insecurities #bodyposi #fitnessmotivation #positiveenergy #manifest #bodyfat #allbodiesaregoodbodies #bodyacceptance #selflove #bopowarrior #allbodiesarebeautiful #fitnessjourney #weightlossjourney #bopo #vegansofig #veganfitness #bbg #positivethinking #positivelife #positivemind #loveyourself #youareenough #youmatter

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Una simple pose lateral que muestra una pierna estilizada en vez de una posición natural. Algo tan tonto como sentarse con la espalda recta o ligeramente relajada para mostrar el abdomen más o menos plano o un sencillo ejercicio de un segundo (lo justo para disparar la foto) para fortificar el gluteo y creerse Kim Kardashian (ojo, que también lo hace) cuando en la vida real, nos faltan caminatas para que eso sea real.

Instagram vs reality- booty edition 🍑🌿 On the left I'm sucking in my tummy and flexing my legs while doing the oh so well known booty pop pose to make my booty look bigger. And on the right I'm standing straight with my tummy and whole body relaxed, which is what my body looks like most of the time ☺️ I'm not trying to target anyone with this post, because I've done it in the past too, cause sometimes you wanna post your most flattering booty picture and that's okay! I just want to show you guys that what you see isn't always reality, so you shouldn't get caught up on comparing your booty to someone else's booty. But I know that's hard to just stop doing, lately I've been comparing my body to others (it happens to us all) and feeling like my booty has lost muscle and appeared smaller, because I always look at it from my straight standing, relaxed angle compared to all the posed booties I've been looking at. Butttt after taking this posed photo I've reminded myself that it really is just a matter of angles and bikini bottom/underwear positioning and I should love the body I have! So next time you start feeling bad about your body scrolling through instagram (or anywhere) just remember that we usually only share our highlights/best photos and your body is just as beautiful as the body you're comparing it to, so don't be so hard on yourself!! As the saying goes: "Another persons’s beauty is not the absence of your own". I hope this reminder helps and that you guys have a lovely, positive #friyay and a great weekend! 🌴☀️ PS my hair doesn't usually look like this- I just have an oil treatment in 😂 . . . (I've been shadow banned but still want to share the body positivity so now I gotta put my hashtags in the description) 😬 #bootycheck #bootybuilding #lawofattraction #bodypositivity #loa #progressnotperfection #beforeandafter #bodyimage #girlswhosquat #vegan #vegansofig #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #weightlifting #bbg #selflove #youarebeautiful #veganfitness #motivation #fitnessmotivation #sweatwithkayla #gains #squatspo #beyou #beconfident #selfconfidence #embraceyourself

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Transformation Tuesday 🙆🏼🌿 Progress from January (after a holiday) to April! I haven't posted one of these in aaaages, but wanted to today cause I feel like my muscles have progressed in the past few months 😁 I almost didn't want to post this because it was so hard to get the same lighting and angles as the before photo, but I tried my best with what I had and literally took 103 photos to make them similar 😂 The difference between these photos workout wise is that I increased my weights from 10kg to 17kg, cut out cardio days (because I walk so much at uni- I get 10,000 steps everyday whereas before I'd barely hit 5000 steps) and started BBG again but I don't think it affects the change much because I've only been doing it for 2 weeks so far 😊 It's nice to see progress cause I felt like I had plateaued in fat loss for such a long time and didn't realise I'd lost the fat I put on during my holiday in December! (Mostly because I've still been eating like I'm on holiday 😂) But I personally think the best way to see progress is through the way you feel, yes progress photos work but they aren't 100% accurate majority of the time, due to so many factors such as posing, lighting, angles, if you've ate etc. Instead try thinking about how you feel, are you happier? It's not always about the way you physically look, when I was looking my "best" (a lot thinner and my muscles were more visible), I wasn't mentally at my happiest point. Your best weight and body shape is when you are happiest! Progress doesn't always have to be physical, it can be mental too! And don't be disappointed if you aren't seeing progress, it takes time. Positivity and effort will get you there, don't give up!! I hope you get what I'm trying to say 🙈 it's been a long day and I feel like I'm just rambling! 😂 But I hope you all have had a lovely Tuesday! 🌴☀️

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Sara sabe que hemos perdido el juicio y lo recuerda en cada una de sus fotos. Un collage tras otro que acerca la realidad a ese mundo de unicornios y glúteos perfectos que es Instagram.


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