¿Qué problema hay con el pelo rizado?

Plates, masks, creams, extensions ... The eternal quest for a smooth mane but what is wrong with curly hair?

naomi campbell

The long straight hair flooded Campaigns, catwalks, cinema and why deny it, the covers of magazines. Do not confuse truth curly hair With the eternal pursuit of the surfing wave hairstyle just out of bed, Which has nothing improvised and produces Thousands of searches magical it Succeeds product. The curl is volume, low docility and frizz, are the other waves.

Stereotypes and cliches: A smooth mane is Associated With going "well groomed" a Western image of lank hair and care, hygiene even when it . Is clear That have nothing to do While curly manes Have always called the notion of women wilder, less domestic , left, and hippies. If you trace the characters of movies and TV shows you'll see even as partners on the same character change to straight hair or professional staff to greater seriousness. You can see an example embodied in Carrie Bradshaw (SJP) or Barbra Streisand .

As if to smooth out the only way to comb. This, initially May seem silly, it has produced enormous pressure Especially women curly hair, many of them black. From teenagers, Their Natural hair cut and cover artificial extensions to go "well groomed" . Not something residual: Oprah, Beyonce, Naomi Campbell ...

Leaving aside the physical Consequences (some just bald by the treatments and extensions), how do you feel a girl Who has to govern Continually His curls as if They Were something nice or natural? Or worse, like something dirty.

Why do you have curly hair? First, and almost Certainly Because of genetics. , According to a 2009 study, if your two parents Have curly hair You have at Least 85% chance That yours is. The second reason, or rather the physical explanation, Because the follicle is born each of your hair has an elliptical opening wavy That produces it, the more tilt, curlier. While if the hair follicle is circulated only be smooth.

Keep curly hair is difficult, requires more work and care That a scruffy but does not help That is related to a sloppy image. Each is free to take Either naturally or wanting to "tame" but the concern is That, According to the study of the beauty of Dove, "Only 4 out of 10 girls with curly hair like your own hair." They Have Launched THEREFORE ITS campaign under the hashtag latest #loveyourcurls


It is a lovely way to vindicate curly hair, naturalness and background, self-esteem. You know: "You're perfect the way you are" and shows, here the precious manes of some famous for if you are thinking to unleash your curls .


Andie Macdowell

Ella ha lucido orgullosa su pelo natural en la mayoría de las ocasiones.


Julia Roberts

La hemos visto con mil peinados pero su rizo natural rojizo siempre nos ha gustado.



Nos encantó su look de boda, y más aún con su pelo natural.


Halle Berry

Sí, ella tiene una preciosa melena rizada aunque estemos acostumbrados a verla con el pelo muy corto.


Jennifer Lopez

Suele llevar peinados con ondas pero su pelo es muy rizado.



Inconfundible su melena rizada que ha lucido encima de los escenarios con frecuencia.


Debra Messing

Tiene volumen, cantidad y onda... Difícil de controlar pero a pesar de ello, la hemos podido ver con su pelo natural.


Nicole Kidman

Hemos tenido que rastrear en su pasado para hacernos con alguna foto con el pelo muy rizado. En los últimos años, la hemos visto con ondas.


Susan Sarandon

Sigue llevando su preciosa melena rizada, muy cuidada, eso sí.


Mariah Carey

La hemos visto con ondas, rizos, liso... Siempre con melena, pero ella tiene el pelo rizado.

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